We are all embers, spread the Bern.


This is a one person operation, so please be patient with me I work on cards after work.


100 Free Bernie Cards! (Just pay shipping)


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

You will receive 100 Free Bernie cards and a handful of stickers! You will also get a cute Plasic-Pledge hair-tie/bracelet!!

If you are going to concerts, colleges and rallies, and you want to order in thousands click on the "Print" page for the files for the cards and stickers. Contact me if you need $ help.


Berner Bundle!!!! 2 bucks more for 30 stickers and a bumper sticker!


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

A lot of people wanted extra stickers so I was offering them for 3.00 but most people were getting both but had to go through Paypal 2x so I decided to make a bundle. 

You will  receive 30 2" square -Not for Sale- stickers, plus 100 cards, and a 4" bumper sticker and the ocean conservation hairtie /wrist band.

Want to be a Bernie card ninja? Check out these ideas...also use hashtags: #berniecardninja #bernieappleseed


Spread the word in person!

Have a conversation with a family member, friend or co-worker, in a way that talks about policy and the things most of this country agrees with. Then give them a card or many, let it sink in.


Spread the word like a Ninja!

Dr offices

Restaurant check folders & bathrooms

Bulletin boards

Hotel rooms



Work break rooms


Public Bathrooms

Toll Booths



Grocery stores



Tabling: Setting up a table where people are

Concerts and Festivals

College Campuses 


Your support means more cards for more people

People have been so amazing asking to help....every penny goes to getting more cards to more people

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

My why

Why am I doing this?



 Trust me, I am not rich. I am paying for this out of my own pocket. I am a working artist and ocean activist who feels like Bernie is the best chance for a healthy planet, a clean ocean, a better society, and to protect the sea turtles I love.

Where is the money going?

Bernie Sanders cards going out


 Your 6.00 will be used for shipping only. If you like what I am doing and you want to donate to my mission of spreading these cards, click HERE or you can PayPal me amy@wakingwolf.com

Who am I?



 If you want to see that I am real or if  you want to learn more about the sea turtle rescue stuff I do, you are welcome to check me out.

seaturtlejewelry.com and join my sea turtle group on FB Turtle Lovers Maui. 


My friend, also named Amy, is printing full sized bumper stickers out of her pocket and if you want a free one please signup!

yes I would love a bumper sticker!



The campaign’s new organizing tool, called BERN, helps volunteers identify potential supporters and voters,  allowing them to log the name and background of anyone they talk to,  from friends and family members to a stranger on the street. The app  will also help volunteers know how to participate in the Democratic primary or caucus in their state and register voters. 

On friend-to-friend mode, supporters  are asked to add the name, city, and state of everyone they know,  information that is then matched to their voter record. The app also  asks about the person’s level of support, union membership, and other  candidates they might vote for. 

Take me to the app

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A great Bernie group filled with active, focused Berners: "Bernie Swag Art FAQ Humor Memes News Policies Tips Tools" 

Bernie Group on FB