We are all embers, spread the Bern.

Not me, us.

Here is just a glimpse of how amazing this man is.

An unprecedented and historic grassroots campaign that has begun with over million people from across the country.

This is what we mean by "rigged economy"

 Bernie is taking on a rigged economy held in place by corrupt politics 

Standing up to big pharma

 Mari Cordes, a registered nurse, tells us why Bernie Sanders is the only  candidate who understands how much pharmaceutical companies are ripping  off the public and that he WILL stand up to Big Pharma. 

Medicare for ALL

 Doctors in America are tired of arguing with insurance companies and  seeing their patients denied coverage. They want Medicare for All. 

The disappearing middle class

 The 15 richest people acquired more wealth in the last two years than  the bottom 100 million people. The middle class will continue to  disappear unless we level the playing field. As president, Bernie  Sanders will do so. 

Racial equality

Bernie fights hard for racial equality, and always has.

Honoring our elderly

 We should expand social security benefits, not cut them. We need to  increase cost of living adjustments and raise minimum payments for  low-income seniors so that all of us can retire with dignity and  respect. 

America through Bernie's eyes

 This is America, It is precious but it is precarious, and right now we are all being called to our inner greatness to keep it.

The next phase to transform America, we would love your help...

 "The next phase of our campaign to defeat Trump starts now! We're  launching our nationwide organizing effort to bring millions of people  into the political process, win the election and transform America. "